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Solve Problem Of Getting Direct Referrals

I recently just came across this banner when I was on Neobux. This banner stated how to get ton of direct referral with step by step guide and it is only $7!

Before I buy this product call PTC Referral Secret, I did some research on the review of this product and all the rating all so high! The lowest rating given was 8/10 out of so many review. The rating tempted me to buy the product and I did!

It didn't disappoint me, the method inside given is really different from the ways you normally get from online guide of getting direct referrals. But require some small investment which I don't is a problem, and think of the return of investment. You can easily get many referrals and easily earn this $7 back.

Overall it is cheap, it give you step by step guide to help you, it works, and you can easily earn back from using the method given inside. A highly recommend products.

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What is included inside:

Where To GetTons Of Targeted PTC Or PTR Referrals.

How To Get Direct Referrals Instantly, 24 Hours, On Auto-Pilot.

How To Turn Them Active.

How To Make Image Or Banner Codes Instantly.

How To Save Your Time, Money andexplode your profits!

How This Is Useful For Any PTC, PTR, BUX Or HYIP Site.

Step-By-Step Guide (7 Pages Only).

EasyHits4U (Traffic Exchange)

EasyHits4U is a TE (Traffic Exchange) which rated as number 1 TE site. So how TE works? For every site you visit(surf), you will receive one visitor back to your site. For receiving one visitor back must depend on the Exchange Ratio.

If the exchange ratio is 1:1, that means you visit one site, you get one visitor back to your site.
If the exchange ratio is 2:1, that means you visit two site, you get one visitor back to your site.

This is basically how TE work. If you want more information you can go to "Tips" and learn more about TE.

Let's go back to topic, EasyHits4U give you a 1:1 exchange ratio which is really fair to every member compare to most TE sites provide 2:1 exchange ratio. While you surfing to other sites, EasyHits4U also give you free bonus once you reach certain number of surfed. So if you visit 200 sites per day, you will get 200 visitors back to your site plus bonus given by EasyHits4U for your active surfing.

Some free bonus like extra visitors to your site, free text ads, free banner ads or even let you win cash prizes! Sometime, EasyHits4U will held competition like surfing competition, winner will earn cash plus free visitors credit and they will keep update with the latest service for TE tools.

EasyHits4U also provides referral program! You can earn extra credit for your site and at the same time you will earn cash as well! Isn't that great? Extra visitors and earn cash by doing nothing.

Using TE site like EasyHits4U, you can post your referral links to get referrals! Many people use this way to get their referrals or you can learn from me, using blog. You can do many other things with TE if you make use of it. TE can help you increase sale or drive traffic to your site easily especially for newbie. Start trying TE, I am sure you will find it useful.

Free To Join! If you have any question can send emails to me. No harm trying=)

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*Note: All Websites Recommended Here Are All Tested. No Scam.

Earn $0.30 for every 1000 surfed
Earn $0.10 for every referral who surfs 100 or more sites
Earn 10% of credits earned by 1st level referrals
Earn 5% of credits earned by 2nd level referrals
Earn 3% of credits earned by 3rd level referrals
Earn 2% of credits earned by 4th level referrals
Earn 1% of credits earned by 5th level referrals

Popular 1:1 Traffic Exchange


ClickBank is a very famous site for affiliate program. If you don't know what is affiliate program you can go to left side under categories click on 'Tips' and there will be will an explanation for affiliate program.

ClickBank provides many affiliate for the members. They have many different categories for the member and up to more than thousand of products for you to choose! You can easily find the affiliate that you are interested out of the many list. Choose the affiliate that you are interested and the product is touch on a niche market so that you can dominate your market.

So starting as a affiliate marketer is very easy. I 3 steps and you can start earning your very first cheque from affiliate program!! First you register an account, second choose a product and lastly, promote and sell the products!

If you want to have more tips and want to instant boost your income on affiliate program, you can go to my another blog which teaches you how professional do affiliate program.

The link is:

Join ClickBank now and start you journey as a affiliate marketer!